Shockwave therapy: anaesthetic and anti-inflammatory effect, helps improve tissue regeneration and solve numerous health issues without resorting to surgery.
Shockwave therapy device
The device was highly appreciated by specialists and medical professionals who conducted clinical trials.

Pulsotron series of medical devices represents the engineering and scientific potential of Meritec in the field of medical equipment. Unique design and high technological level of development make shockwave therapy devices reach new heights.

The device is designed to form (generate) unfocused shockwaves that stimulate metabolic and reparative processes in soft and parenchymal tissues of the human body. It helps accelerate rehabilitation after injuries, operations and inflammatory diseases in orthopedics and traumatology. The device is also used for treating patients with chronic urological diseases (prostate diseases, chronic inflammatory conditions of kidneys and bladder; as well as erectile dysfunction): it stimulates and restores functional abilities.

The device can be used independently or together with other diagnostic and therapeutic devices both in hospitals and in households.

The therapeutic head unit of the device uses the electromagnetic method of generating shockwave pulses and forms a defocused, smoothly converging shockwave in a microsecond range. This shockwave acts upon the patient's tissues (at the cellular level) with high intensity and depth.

High-energy shockwave with a penetration depth of up to 100 mm.

Wide range of shockwave intensity levels (eight levels).

High reliability of the therapeutic head unit.

Extra accessories that make it convenient to operate the device (a bracket with a lifting mechanism for fixing the therapeutic head unit in the target area, and a stand for working on the patient's foot).

The device is compact and easily transportable.
Аппарат состоит из следующих основных элементов:
блок излучающего (терапевтической головки)
блок аппаратного
кронштейна с механизмом подъема
подставка для фиксации терапевти-
ческой головки в зоне стопы пациента.
блок излучающего (терапевти-
ческой головки)
подставка для фиксации терапевтической головки в зоне стопы пациента.