Developed by experts, Meritec V-Pac polymer film ammunition packaging system is a new promising approach for long-term safe storage and usability of ammunition of various calibers.

advanced ammunition packaging system
Polymer film makes it possible to store ammunition in accordance with the requirements of the OST industry-specific standard applied to packaging and storage of ammunition. Ammunition can be packed either with or without vacuuming. Thanks to the use of vacuuming technology, air is pumped out of the inner volume of the package and the best possible conditions for the preservation of ammunition are created.

Compliance with the requirements of industry standards of the Russian Federation.
Maintaining the warranty period of ammunition storage.
2.5 times faster loading
Light weight
Corrosion resistance
Air-tightness of ammunition packaging Packaging matches magazine capacity
Transparent packaging (allows to see the ammunition without breaking the tightness of the package).
Non-reusable (single use)
Low cost
Eco-friendly production process of waterproof packaging.
Opportunity not to store ammunition in metal boxes with the preservation of all storage requirements
Strong air-tight packaging guarantees the safety of ammunition.
Film thickness
Operating temperature
Type of film welding
300 µm (micrometer)
-50 +50 °C