Meritec Target LED stand-alone target is designed for conducting the training process without or with the use of shooting simulators.
Stand-alone training target
· The target is equipped with an autonomous power source.
· The built-in 5000 mAh battery makes it possible to use MeritecTarget LED as a charger for a tablet, phone, sensor or for charging an electronic mainspring.
· Three backlight modes are activated by a sensor switch so the user can set the desired backlight level.
· Meritec Target LED is only 20 mm thick. The surface of Meritec Target LED screen has an anti-reflective coating.
· There is no flickering of LED backlight on the screen, so even prolonged training causes no fatigue or eye strain. This is especially important when a training session takes place immediately before the important start or shooting session.
· The kit includes a set of replaceable ISSF-emitting targets for air- and small-caliber rifles and pistols.
· The magnetic mount makes it possible to quickly attach the target to a tripod or vertical surface.
· The target is lightweight and of small size.
With Meritec Target LED, you can choose the preferable distance between the shooter and the target (from 2.5 to 10 m).
The target is characterized by ultra-low energy consumption and can operate for a long time without any connection to an external electrical circuit.

Target size
Battery life
Built-in battery capacity
Plug connections
116x116x20 mm
200 hours
5000 mAh
2хUSB, microUSB
250 g