Loading accelerator - designed to speed up the process of loading various types of magazines. Meritec AK is a single-use clip for 5.45x39 mm and 9x19 mm ammunition that acts as a loading accelerator
disposable (single-use) clips
The Meritec AK accelerator consists of two parts - a reusable adapter and disposable clips made of polymer material.

Convenience and ease of use are the main characteristics of Meritec AK accelerator design. The accelerator makes it possible to send all the cartridges placed in a single-use clip directly to the magazine.

Clips are packed in Meritec VPac polymer film in packages that correspond to the number of cartridges placed into a magazine (from 20 to 90 pcs)

Special features of Meritec AK are factory-based packaging of clips, low weight, anti-corrosion design, and single use of packaging.
The Meritec AK series loading accelerator is designed to accelerate the loading of the AK series automatic rifle magazine (sports and civilian weapons of 5.45x39 mm and 9x19 mm caliber).
· Compliance with the requirements of industry standards of the Russian Federation.
· Maintaining the warranty period of ammunition storage.
· 2.5 times faster loading
· Light weight
· Corrosion resistance
· Air-tightness of ammunition packaging
· Packaging corresponding to magazine capacity
· Transparent packaging (allows to see the ammunition without breaking the tightness of the package).
· Non-reusable (single use)
· Low cost
· Eco-friendly production process of waterproof packaging.
· Opportunity not to store ammunition in metal boxes with the preservation of all storage requirements.

The accelerator design is protected by patents of the Russian Federation and the Eurasian Union, as well as by international patents.
Ammunition caliber
5.45x39 mm
9x19 mm
Number of cartridges in one clip
15 pcs
15 pcs
Number of cartridges in a package
30 to 90 pcs
30 pcs
Clip weight
7.5 g
7.5 g
Adapter weight
8 g
8 g
Operating temperature
-50 +50 °C
-50 +50 °C